H2O Compact ''Sandless'' Sand Bags 12'' x 24'' 20/Case

H2O Compact ''Sandless'' Sand Bags 12'' x 24'' 20/Case
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  • "Sandless" sand bags are compact and lightweight for storing, but will grow to 32 Ibs. in times of need.
  • Just add water and watch them grow.
  • Contains super-absorbing polymers that will swell and gel with water.
  • Contents are nontoxic, nonhazardous and biodegradable.
  • Stagger multiple bags to build a retaining wall.
  • Each bag measures 12" x 24"
  • Comes 20 sandless sand bags per case.
  • No mess, can be thrown away in the trash when done.
  • Ready to use
  • No sand or labor needed
  • Easy to carry several at a time
H2O Sandless Bags Normal Sand Bags
  •  Compact
  • Bulky
  •  Lightweight - 1 lbs. each
  • Heavy - 60 lbs. each 
  •  No Sand or Labor Needed
  •  Requires Sand & Labor
  •  Ready to Use
  • Must Fill Bags 
  •  No Mess
  • Messy 
  • Easy to Carry Several at a Time 
  •  Can only Carry one at a Time
  •  Effortless & Quick to Deploy
  • Timely and Difficult to Setup

Q: H20 Dams, what are they & how do they work?
A: H20 Dams contain a super absorbent polymer (similar to what’s found in baby diapers and meat pads) that react and swell on contact with water.  Once activated (typically 5 minutes if there is enough water), the water is contained as a gel within the black fabric, thus acting as a barrier and containing or diverting water to prevent flooding.

Q: How do you activate them?
A: There are several options. Lay them in position and wait for the rain, spray with a hose, dunk them in a bucket of water, lay them in a puddle or place them in a water source like a stream.

Q: How long do H20 Dams last?
A: Un-activated- indefinite as long as kept dry, so store in a closed package until needed. Activated- If left in position, they can last for several months.

Q: Can I re-use them?
A: Once activated, H20 Dams will remain active until the water evaporates, typically taking a few weeks for complete evaporation. If left in position, they will shrink while
Evaporating and grow when re-exposed to water.

Q:  They seem to shrink, is that normal?
A:  Yes, as the water evaporates, they will get smaller. If complete evaporation is desired, store H20 Dams in a dry environment. Over several weeks, H20 Dams will shrink & become crunchy. Once re-exposed to water, they will swell again.

Q: Do I have to add water?
A: Depending on your situation, you may pre-activate them or let the weather activate them. H20 Dams can be placed in position and wait for water to arrive. If a current of water is expected, partially activating them is recommended so that they don’t float away. If building a retaining wall is desired, pre-soaking & stacking them is recommended.

Q: Can H20 Dams be used indoors and outdoors?
A: Yes they can, although they will be moist, so be careful when leaving them on floors that may get water damage.

Q: Can they protect against water higher than 3”?
A: Yes, you can stack them in a stager pattern to required height.

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