Thank you for attending the Bay Area Emergency Managers (BAEM) 2015 conference. Below you will find pdf's of all the presentations.  Please note that the material is meant for your company internal use and reference only and not reproduced for other purposes without permission from the presenter.

Presenter:  Jim Satterfield, President & COO
Organization:  Firestorm

Title:  Predicting Your Next Crisis - "Creating an Intelligence Network" 

Presenter:  John Cavanaugh, Paramedic Captain
Organization:  JJMS Group

Title:  Mass Casualty Incident Management

Jeff Hamilton, VP & COO
Michele Richards, Founder & CEO / Master Instructor


Organization:  Nexis Preparedness Systems / First In Training
Title:  Maintaining A Healthy Emergency Response Team Through Knowledge, Competency, And Ownership

Presenter:  Autumn Crossett, Emergency Preparedness & Response Program Manager
Organization:  eBay

Title:  Preparing For the Unforeseen, While Managing the Always Occurring

Presenter:  Tony Crites, Program Director
Organization:  Texas A&M Engineering Extension Service

Title:  Integrating Incident and Emergency Management Into Your Existing Business Organization

Presenter: Jack Boatwright, Geophysicist

Organization:  USGS

Title:  A ShakeMap Primer for Emergency Managers 

Presenter: Monika Stoeffl, President & Founder 

Organization:  CR Solutions 
Title:  When Systems Collide

Presenter:  Laurie Friedman, ProtectSU Project Coordinator
Organization:  Stanford University
Title:  Adventures in Research Continuity Planning 

For questions, please contact:

Jeff Hamilton, Nexis Preparedness Systems/Firestorm


Gregory Jones, Genentech



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