Supply Cache - Design & Deployment Solutions
Step 1: Addressing Your Emergency Supply Needs- From Every Day to Major Events
As someone responsible for emergency management in your company, you know you need to purchase emergency supplies but have you ever wondered:
● What supplies do I need?
● How much do I need?
● How much space will all these supplies take up and where should I store them?
We strategically approach the answers to these questions and design an emergency supply cache solution that meets your objectives. Our supply cache solution will be:
● Aligned to your risk profile
● Integrated into your emergency response, supply deployment and team training plans (and if you don’t have these plans, we can help you develop them)
● Effective because it is designed based on metrics and best practices for the best ROI
● Customized as needed for your specific situation
● Managed and monitored to ensure your supplies are ready (and not expired) when you need them

Step 2: Supply Deployment – The Key to Effective Response
You’ve purchased emergency supplies for your company but does your emergency response team (ERT) know where they are, how much to deploy for a particular event and how to be prepared to handle the next event?
We provide the plans, orientation, and training to ensure your supplies are utilized effectively. We provide:

● Custom online video training for your team
● Deployment plans specific to the particular ERT function (i.e., S&R)
● Maps and orientation to supply locations so the ERT knows where everything is
● An in-depth review with your ERT on the metrics and basis for the supply selection
● Post-event “refresh” services to ensure your supplies are re-stocked after each event
Step 3: Inventory Tracking And Alert System 
With our proprietary Inventory Tracking & Alert System - ITAS™, your supplies will be ready when you need them.  Our system provides:

● Two levels of alerts – budgeting and expiration
● Ability to 
coordinate donation of items just expiring to a local non-profit for immediate use.
● Tracking available by site 
and roll-up reporting of a company’s entire supply resources.
●  Pre-designed “refresh” kits to make updating easy and simple.
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