2-Person 9-Month 25-Year Mountain House Food Supply

2-Person 9-Month 25-Year Mountain House Food Supply
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This Mountain House Food Supply Kit includes enough servings for breakfast, lunch and dinner for 2 people for 9 months!

  • Mountain House® freeze-dried foods are packed in airtight NITROGEN PACKED #10 cans.
  • Up to 98% of the residual oxygen has been removed.
  • Our unique canning process uses both vacuum oxygen removal and nitrogen flushing. 
  • Each #10 can is coated with a protective enamel inside and out for double protection, including the lid.
  • For best results, avoid prolonged storage at temperatures about 75° F (24° C).
  • Mountain House #10 Cans have a shelf life of 25 years.
  • After opening, we recommend using the contents within 1 week for best results and taste; using the convenient resealable plastic lid between uses.
  • Treat any leftover food as you would fresh food.
  • Our freeze-dried foods are easy to prepare-just add hot water...wait 10 minutes...and eat!
  • If a heat source is not available, room temperature or cold water can be used, too.
  • Because no cooking is needed, these foods require much less water and fuel than most fresh, frozen or dehydrated foods (further conserving these two precious commodities.)

2-Person 9-Month Supply Contents:

Breakfast (1 serving/person per day)
10   Cans of Scrambled Eggs w/ Bacon (13 servings each)
10   Cans of Scrambled Eggs w/ Ham & Peppers (15 servings each)
8     Cans of Breakfast Skillet (10 servings each)
9     Cans of Granola w/ Blueberries & Milk (20 servings each)

Entrees (2 servings/person per day)
10   Cans of Spaghetti w/ Meat & Sauce (10 servings each)
6     Cans of Rice & Chicken (10 servings each)
6     Cans of Chili Mac w/ Beef (10 servings each)
6     Cans of Pasta Primavera (11 servings each)
8     Cans of Beef Stroganoff w/ Noodles (10 servings each)
5     Cans of Chicken ala King & Noodles (11 servings each)
7     Cans of Lasagna w/ Meat Sauce (10 servings each)
4     Cans of Turkey Tetrazzini (10 servings each)
6     Cans of Macaroni & Cheese (9 servings each)
4     Cans of Sweet & Sour Pork w/ Rice (10 servings each)
8     Cans of Chicken Teriyaki (10 servings each)
3     Cans of Vegetable Stew w/ Beef (9 servings each)
3     Cans of Beef Stew (10 servings each)
5     Cans of Noodles & Chicken (12 servings each)

6     Cans of Mexican Rice with Chicken (10 servings each)
5     Cans of Chicken Stew (10 servings each)
3     Cans of Diced Beef Cooked (15 servings each)
3     Cans of Diced Chicken Cooked (14 servings each)
3     Cans of Ground Beef Cooked (22 servings each)

Total Number of Cans: 138 Cans
Total Weight of Food Supply: 301 lbs.
Total Square Footage of Food Supply: 27.34 sq. ft.
Average Price per Serving: $2.68
Total Ounces of Water Required for Preparing: 8,580 oz.

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Due to the manufacturer discontinuing flavors or having long lead times on certain flavors, all flavors and quantities are subject to change based on availability. While we will do our best to keep the flavors listed above, there may be substitutions for flavors that are not currently available. Any substitutions will not affect the total number of servings purchased or the price of the kit. 

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