1-Person Search & Rescue Backpack Kit

1-Person Search & Rescue Backpack Kit
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Our Premium 1-Person Search & Rescue Backpack Kit includes the items a person needs for disaster situations. It includes tools, lighting, and personal protection equipment for one person to perform light search and rescue in a major disaster. Packaged in a premium hiking backpack, it has plenty of extra room for additional supplies to meet your individual search and rescue needs. 

Kit Contents:
1     ANSI Compliant Hard Hat w/ 4-Point Ratchet Suspension
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3     Protective Nuisance Dust Masks
1     Orange Mesh Vest w/ Reflective Stripes
1     Heavy Duty Leather Work Gloves (pair)
1     Vented Impact Rated Safety Goggles
1     Hard Cap Knee Pads (pair)
1     Wrecking Pry Bar 24ʺ
1     Lineman’s Pliers 8ʺ
1     Bolt Cutters 18ʺ
1     Hacksaw w/ Blade
1     Adjustable Crescent Wrench 12ʺ
1     Combo 6-in-1 Screwdriver
1     Claw Hammer 16oz.
1     Channel Lock Pliers 12ʺ
1     14-in-1 Multi-Function Tool
1     Lumber Marking Crayon
1     2D Flashlight
2     Alkaline Industrial D-Cell Batteries *
1     12-Hour Green Lightstick *
1     Metal Whistle w/ Lanyard
1     Emergency Mylar Blankets
1     Heavy Duty Polyethylene Rope 3/8ʺ x 100ʹ
1     Industrial Duct Tape 50yds.

1     Aqua Liter Emergency Drinking Water 33.8oz. *
1     Content Card
1     Packaged in a Heavy Duty X-Large Hiker’s Adult Backpack 24" x 13.5" x 8"

For detailed kit contents, see the Spec Sheet

* Items expire 5 years from the date of manufacture.

Does your Search & Rescue Kit include expired items? Instead of having to buy a whole new kit, save money and purchase one of our Refresh Kits to bring your kit back up to date.

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