Ensuring Your Company Responds the Way It Should

Since 2006, we've been the leader in providing emergency preparedness solutions for Fortune 500 companies including Bank of America, Google, Facebook, Kaiser Permanente, Cisco and many more.  What differentiates us in the marketplace are our Managed Services.  We help you develop your readiness strategy and manage your entire emergency preparedness process from planning, calculation, fulfillment, monitoring, replenishment & preparedness training. 
We make it easy for you to prepare, leading to a more effective emergency response.

Our Services:

  • Site Assessments

    We strategically review your site to assess your current state of readiness.  Learn More

  • Supply Purchasing

    This includes supply strategy & design, supply layout and supply delivery.   Learn More

  • Supply Management

    We help you maintain and track your supplies to stay on top of expirations, replacements, and obsolescence.   Learn More

  • Training

    Training your emergency response team so they know what you've purchased, where the supplies are stored and how to deploy them when needed.   Learn More

Contact our sales team today to see how our Managed Services can help you be better prepared for the next event! And see five reasons why you should partner with Nexis Response.  

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