Managed Supplies - We make it easier for you to prepare.

Not only do we sell you the supplies, but we help you manage and monitor them to ensure they are ready and compliant when needed.  It's called Managed Supplies.

Our Supply Management Services include:

Supply Tracking:

Our proprietary inventory system tracks the shelf life of your supplies with alerts on when they need to be refreshed or replaced.  The system:

  • Has two levels of alerts - budgeting and expiration
  • Has the ability to coordinate the donation of items just expiring to a local non-profit for immediate use
  • Tracking available by site and roll-up reporting of a company’s entire supply resources
  • Pre-designed “refresh” kits make updating easy and simple

Supply Maintenance:

Site check-up of installed supplies including inspections, cleaning, supply refresh, inventory and summary maintenance/inspection reports.

Auto Supply Refresh:

Take the worry out expiring supplies.  An extension of Supply Tracking, this service gives customers the option to pre-pay for scheduled supply refreshes as part of an annual maintenance contract.

Supply Re-evaluation:

We know plans change (e.g. site changes, new threats, employee count changes, etc.) and this service provides the flexibility to change your supply program to meet this new scope.  An assessment report and quote will be provided.

Contact our sales team today to see how our Managed Services can help you be better prepared for the next event!

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