Strategy & Solutions to Meet Your Business Needs

Supply Purchasing is the science of helping you build the right strategy and implementing the right solutions to then purchase the right emergency supplies.

Working in conjunction with your program objectives and risk profile, as part of our Site Assessment, we review your site(s) for supply needs so we can develop the optimal emergency supply plan customized to your needs.  

Our Supply Cache Purchasing Process includes:

  • Strategy & Design: the amount and type of supplies you need based on your company objective
  • Layout: how to configure your supplies so when deployed, the right supplies can be accessed at the right time
  • Delivery: We deliver your supplies how and where you need them.

With your ROI in mind, our supply cache solutions are designed based on metrics and best practices, customized as needed for your specific situation, aligned to your risk and integrated into your existing emergency response plans. 

Contact our sales team today to see how our Managed Services can help you be better prepared for the next event!

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