Training: The Key to Effective Response

You’ve purchased your company's emergency supplies but does your emergency response team (ERT) know:
  • What you’ve purchased and why?
  • Where are the supplies located?
  • How to deploy the supplies and how much to deploy for a particular event?
  • How to be prepared to handle the next event? 

At Nexis Response, we know training is the key to any effective response.  We offer two types of training for your ERT: 

Supply Orientation Training:

This is a 3-4 hr. general orientation of your supply cache.  Includes printed guide and in-person or video training.  The training frequency is flexible based on program needs but we recommend semi-annual or annual training.

The training includes:

  • Reviewing inventory supply list
  • Discussing basis, metrics and coverage assumptions for the supply design
  • Reviewing maps and orientation to supply locations so the ERT know where everything is
  • Reviewing contents of each kit in the customer's supply matrix
  • It includes a walk-through of deployment locations
  • Reviewing how to deploy and conducting tabletop exercises and/or a full-functional drills

Deployment Training:

This can be a multi-day comprehensive training of your ERT to educate them on who will deploy, how will they deploy and where will they deploy to ensure efficient use and deployment of supplies in an emergency response.  

It includes:

  • a comprehensive printed Training Guide
  • training materials for trained and non-trained employees
  • a “How to Train” guide for trainer 

The training itself includes:

Functional group training (e.g. Search & Rescue, First Aid/Triage, Command, Sanitation, Employee Support, etc.) of the ERT allowing each group to understand their supplies, there use and how they are deployed.

  • Reviewing Supply List by functional group
  • Reviewing Supply Detail
  • Listing of training and certifications for ERT members
  • Reviewing Site Maps and location of supplies in storage and deployment locations 
  • Post-event/drill activities (after action review). 
  • Reviewing all forms including checklists, support documents, equipment manuals. etc.
  • Reviewing post-event refresh services to ensure supplies are re-stocked after each event                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

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