Why partner with Nexis Response?

At Nexis Response, the safety of your business comes first.  Since 2006, we’ve been the leaders in emergency preparedness, providing managed emergency supplies, training, and planning for the physical site safety of your people and your site. 

So why us?

We’re a trusted and proven solutions provider:  With customers like Google, Bank of America, Cisco and Facebook, we have the experience, reputation, and trust from some of the top companies in the world to provide the right solutions.

Quality Products & Services:  We have the most comprehensive selection of quality products, services, and information to help your business prepare
before emergency strikes.

Managed Services: We are more than just selling emergency supplies.  We help you develop your supply cache strategy and manage your entire emergency preparedness supply process from planning, calculation, fulfillment, monitoring, replenishment & employee preparedness and training. We make it easy for you to PREPARE!

Inventory Tracking System: Our proprietary inventory tracking and alert system ensure your supplies are ready when you need them.

Human Touch: In order to provide you with the best experience, we provide you with strategic account service support to ensure all your issues are addressed to your satisfaction.  And you have access to senior leadership whenever you need them. 

Contact our sales team today to see how our Managed Services can help you be better prepared for the next event!

70+ companies with over 1.75M employees (and growing) rely on Nexis Response to keep them safer:

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