Our affordable cloud-based solution turns your existing spreadsheets, binders, and calendars into the living and actionable Emergency Response Program you always hoped it would be

Your secure site displays the aging, deployment, and headcount of all your supplies down to the individual part, for any number of locations or caches.

Clear and concise reports to show management; a programmed schedule of maintenance; and employee training will encourage buy-in and make your program dynamic, easily presentable, and constantly accurate.

“Nexis Response’s unique ability to look at Emergency Response Programs comprehensively allows them to provide solutions that align to plans, drills and training. Their metric driven supply resources recommendations and managed supplies program alone contribute to program robustness and allows customers to stay on top of their readiness.”

Fiona Raymond-Cox
FBCI, Raymond-Cox Consulting, LLC

Our system scales with the needs of your organization

Enterprise and Universities

Sites over 1,000 employees

Hospitals, Finance, and Utilities

Organizations with higher compliance requirements

Schools, Elder/Day Care, and smaller installations

Self-managed, less expensive solutions that still ensure compliance, and easier “set and forget” readiness uptime

Trusted by Some of the Top EHS Specialists at Companies Like…

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