How it Works


We review your installation with you, and upload the contents to a secure private server that you control


We come by periodically and review the physical status of your materials, updating your inventory site in the background; OR


We place tags on materials so you and your employees can monitor your materials yourselves


When an inspection is completed, we (or you) seal the outer containers/kits/caches with encoded tags. Following that, periodic inspections are a simple matter of visiting the cache, seeing that the seal is intact, confirming that container is solid, and moving on (website updated on the fly)


No more panic about expired foodbars or missing First Aid kits. This is a positive “Set and Forget” solution that you can review at any time, 24/7/365


Your physical resources are “always ready”

No more finding expired supplies, hunting down missing items, or being surprised by damaged goods

MONITORING: Emergency Supplies (food, water, tents, etc.) are the key tools that allow you and your team to respond quickly. Our cloud-based reporting schedules automatically notify you far enough in advance when materials will expire, so you can budget and plan for their replacement.

PURCHASING: We also offer competitive pricing for materials, but you can purchase whatever you want – it’s your site after all.

REPORTING: We  include comprehensive inventory reporting (helpful for those end-of-year budget meetings), and do it all through the dedicated portal (TRIM).

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