Remote Employee and Contractor Homes

How to Easily Distribute Safety Supplies to Remote or “Work from Home” Employees
A Program for Sending, Tracking, and Managing Thousands of Remote Sites

Managing Remote Workers

The challenge most readiness professionals face when dealing with remote workers is the coordination of materials and reporting. When handling many employees who are in their homes, it is immediately a logistics nightmare to keep track of all the addresses, headcounts, family needs (if applicable) and delivery status of your remote worker supply kits.

Shipping out materials to hundreds or thousands of people without tracking can create a headache as well – each employee or contractor needs to communicate with management, may not understand how to handle their materials, and may simply fail to report or act.

Using a Website Catalog for Simplification

Rather than developing tools, juggling spreadsheets, or collecting scores of emails that say “I got it”, you can use our dedicated website to distribute your designed kits and solutions seamlessly.

How it Works


We provide an online catalog, similar to a store, that is branded to your company information. Each remote worker is directed to the homepage of the catalog and, on arrival, given instructions to fill in their shopping cart with your materials. They go forward in a normal way, and give their shipping information as if purchasing from a website.


On completion, we record the transaction and either bill you for the materials, bill them, or bill them with a discount.


The materials are shipped from our warehouse, along with instructions on how to prove receipt.


Through this simple solution, all your remote employees are automatically covered, recorded, and tracked for readiness. You have an easy format for communicating to them in an ongoing basis, and distributing updated materials, training messages, or discounted goods for their families.


You can turn this solution on today.

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